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The simple way to be happy is to appreciate everything you have!

Thanks for the life that gave you what you own, you will see what you have is really a lot and only a little lack. Even the deficiencies is not lovely, it is a part of your life, receiving and treating nicely with that unappealing part, your life will be much happier.erything you have!

This is a small story with great significance. The man placed the bin on either end of the stick, one of them cracked, the other perfectly flawless.

There was a person who a daily burden of carrying water to carry water to the owner. Taking the water a long way from the stream to the house, the water in the perfect bucket remained intact while the water in the cracked bucket was only half left.

For two years in a row, the water bearer was likewise bringing water to the house owner. The perfect water bucket always feels proud of the amount of water it takes home and the cracked bucket is very embarrassed, it is sad because it only completed half the task and admired the other one.

And then one day, when he could not bear it any longer, at the stream, he said to the water bearer: “I am so ashamed, I have to ask for your forgiveness.”

“Why?” – The water bearer asked, “Why are you so embarrassed?”

“For the past two years, because I have been cracked and water is leaking out, I only have half of it to come to my landlord. My shortcomings make him, although he is fully working, he has only achieved half the efficiency”. The crate answered.


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