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Get rich from a dead mouse

Getting rich from a dead mouse, lessons everyone needs to become rich and sustainable. A wise person is someone who knows exactly when to give, when to receive, when to reinvest.

Remember, anyone who sees an opportunity will become rich. Once upon a time in a kingdom there was a prime minister, a courtier, trusted by the king, known for his wisdom. One day, when going to the palace with a friend, the prime minister suddenly saw a dead rat.

Seeing the rat die, he told you: “From a small start is this dead rat, an active young man can create a fortune. If you work hard and use intelligence , he can do business and feed his wife and children “.

Get rich from a dead mouse
A wise person is someone who knows exactly when to give, when to receive, when to reinvest

A young man nearby heard this conversation, followed the advice of the wise minister, picked up the dead rat and began his journey of getting rich.

He has not been able to go so far when he meets a shopkeeper, “Can you sell me this mouse? My cat needs a mouse to play. I will pay you 2 coins”.

The young man sells cakes and water to the people who come home from work

The young man happily accepted and accepted two coins. On the way, he sees a pastry shop and uses 2 coins to buy pastries. Ask for another cup of water, he sat in a roundabout section.

As expected, he met the returnees. Seeing the young man, they scrambled to buy his water and cakes and exchanged them with a large bouquet of flowers.

At night, the young man brought a large bouquet of flowers into the city and sold a good amount of money.

The next day, he went to the pastry shop, used the money to sell flowers to buy all the pastries, and then resold them to the commuters. This continued for a few days until the stormy day, they stopped working and he could not sell any cakes.

Knowing to take advantage of help from others, the young man earns some money from selling firewood

On the way home he saw a large garden that seemed messy, with many branches being knocked down by the wind, reclining on the ground. He went to talk to the garden owner, saying he would help clean the garden, but on condition that the branches would be taken. The owner agrees.

Just then, looking around, seeing the children playing, he immediately called them and said, “If you help me pick up the branches, I’ll give each one a cake.”

The children happily accepted the invitation. After that, he bundled the firewood and set out. In the middle of the road, he met a potter, whose potter always needed good wood. So he counted and asked, as expected, the worker bought all the firewood.

With the profits earned, the wise guy opened a small refreshment shop. The shop is very crowded. Occasionally he invited guests for cakes and water for free, so the shop became more popular and more visitors came by.

One day, one of the loyal customers revealed to the bartender that a new merchant ship was anchored at the port. Being a sensitive person, he realized this was a new opportunity and came up with a business plan.

Knowing that this merchant ship came from a country without ruby, while gold was too expensive, so he went to meet a friend who sold jewelry, bought a precious gold with rubty gold ring. with an affordable price.

After that, he met the captain, gave it to him on condition that he would introduce the customer to his restaurant.

Soon, the men’s refreshment shop became the most prosperous business shop in the city. Only after a few stops of the ship, within a few years the man became extremely wealthy.

One day, he recalled the prime minister, who gave advice that he successfully applied and decided to visit, expressing gratitude. He generously donated half of his fortune to buy a large amount of gold and donated it to the courtier.

The great court official was surprised to receive such a valuable gift and asked: “How did you earn so much money to give me this much?”

The boy recounted his journey.

The prime minister told himself: “He is such a smart, flexible person who should not waste such a talent. I have a lot of assets, and a daughter too. The daughter gave him, because he deserves it, so he can inherit his property and take good care of his daughter. ”

After that, the boy became the son-in-law of the prime minister and also the richest man in the city. After the prime minister passed away, the king appointed him to replace this position. For the rest of his life, he used his wealth and generosity, helping many people.

Lesson learned: A wise person is someone who knows exactly when to give, when to receive, when to reinvest.

Hard working, when combined with intelligence, working skills and good relationships with people with an optimistic spirit, not afraid of failure, can turn humble beginnings into the Unbelievably rich.

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