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Case study classic in Harvard: “Crazy guy” burn tons of money to study contact lenses for … chickens and now become a millionaire

“Crazy guy” burns tons of money to study contact lenses for chickens, provided to most large chickens throughout the United States and become millionaires of dollars.

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Background: Selling an “unprecedented” product: Contact lenses for chickens, with benefits such as reduced fighting rates, reduced feed counts and increased egg production.

Difficulties: It costs a lot of time and money to produce but it is too strange to convince the “god” conservative.

Strategy: Invest in time and effort to ensure product effectiveness and financial. Hit the psychological “fear of losing,” focusing on immediate economic efficiency in a number of small camps to “natural fire incense,” causing the campers throughout the country immediately wear contact lenses for chickens to avoid being left behind.

Results: Sell more than 100,000 pairs of contact lenses and become millionaire dollars. Not only that, his name is comparable to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, became a classic case study of Harvard University.

Crazy dream of reckless man

Randall E. Wise has been familiarize with poultry by his father’s famer since he was 16 years old. His father show him the “magic” effects of wearing red lenses for hen. The father of Randall E. Wise invested his fortune to set up a chicken contact lens company, but unfortunately the company collapsed in just a few years.

Randall E. Wise wanted to follow his father’s dream, but after the bankruptcy company, he pursue education to find a more stable career. He won a place in the Harvard university.

In 15 years, a man graduated Harverd always hold crazy dream of him. After graduate, Wise have a company software in 1981, but he always kept up with poultry market news. Randall E. Wise said ” no one day i dont think about my father’s dream”.

Case study classic in Harvard: "Crazy guy" burn tons of money to study contact lenses for ... chicken and now become a millionaire
Case study classic in Harvard: “Crazy guy” burn tons of money to study contact lenses for … chicken and now become a millionaire

Starting since 1979, Wise decided set up Animalens and investment 15.000 USD for research and development. By 1985, he feel do 2 work the same time is not help him achieve the dream of his life. Wise decided sell software company to Lotus Development for 12 million USD (Wise owns 20 percent shares). After, Wise invest more 100.000 USD and all the time in to Animalens.

This is followed by long months “money burning” for research and production. By 1988, Wise have was able to produce a product with specifications and cost make him satisfied.

Contact lenses for hens, a product … great?

Through years of research and invested hundreds of thousands USD, Randy Wise has in his hand three “weapon” to turn contact lenses for hen become a great revolution.

One is that this product will limit the fighting situation in the herd, one of the knowledge that he got from his father’s farm. The effect of red color with psychology of chicken also has been scientifically proven.

The second reason is that the product will help the chicken eat less but increase the egg yield, two features can say is “wonderful” for the farmer.

But more wonderful is the economic problem behind this product.

With contact lenses, Wise assert that mortality of chicken under 8 percent, you can save 120 USD to 150 USD per 1000 chicken.

Continue, the research show product of Wise will make chicken eat less than 7 percent, which equates you can save 54 cent per chicken per year. In particular, the farmers can save 4 percent of the investment. A significant amount can be directly attributed to profit.

The special is egg yield, for studies from university Virginia, egg yield increase from 1 to 3 percent. On average, 1 percent yield would be equates to 13 cent per chicken, a significant addition to the profit.

Total, that product “mythical” totally can save the farmers 80 cent per chicken, equivalent to 4 cent per dozen eggs. A good lucrative profit if compare to the cost of each pair contact lenses is only 15 cent. Subtracting the cost of glasses, for every 100.000 chicken, Animalens estimates the farmers only need to invest 25.000 USD to bring 50.000 USD to 75.000 USD to profit.

With the industrial chicken laying eggs around 250 million chicken at that time, Wise was sitting on a mountain of gold. Because the cost of reuse glasses is much than the cost buying new, the farmers is ready buy millions of new product after each chicken cycle. In the United States alone, Wise is standing before $ 37.5 million revenue has not been explored.

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How to sell contact lenses for chickens?

After one month to make “perfect” product, Wise participation in International Poultry Exhibition at Atlanta to debut the spirit child. With a small booth, Wise with his father continuity showcase short film about effect of product. However, the farmers is only curious, no one really want to apply.

Dont stop there, Wise pay more than 60.000 USD to advertisement on famous journal of poultry and direct mail for 200 farms largest in the country but not effective.

Quite desperate, Wise spent a few month to collaborate survey with chicken farms to convince them to use. Thousand of glasses distribution free to bring the first contract. But again, “free campaign” is not effective.

That’s when Wise decided not to provide free product. “I just want to work with partners who are committed to what they will do”. When the partner ready to buy the products, the will collaborate with Animalens to get the desired effect.

Wise focused on collaborate and bring financial results immediately for small chicken farm at Massachusetts. Shortly thereafter, all most the chicken farm on nationwide contact with Animalens to use product.

After one year Randall E. Wise sale more than 100.000 glass nationawide and become a millionaire shortly thereafter.

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