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30 sayings can change the fate of man, must read once

Simple life is good. Human need to be a little disadvantage, a little patience in suffer, a little foolish is that blessed person.

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Don’t let poverty to become the habit: the power of bad habits is trap threat for human life

Here are 30 sayings can help you surpassed yourself in difficult times, as well as can help you change the way your life.

1. Cherish life, live well.

2. Don’t let material to control your soul.

3. Do not allow money to replace familiar feelings.

4. Live have filial with parents. A person who can not honor his or her parents can not be considered a good person.

5. Live well with people, because good with people is good with yourself.

6. Living with the present is the reality, life have suffering, have tired should also laugh everyday, because cry is not better..

7. Life is 10 part then 7,8 part not as expected. So you need to think 1, 2 is good.

8. Frequent bathing for your soul, clean every dust.

30 sayings can change the fate of man, must read once
30 sayings can change the fate of man, must read once

9. Don’t because small thing that calculate, don’t because money that affliction.

10. Don’t because sex that desire, but because of love don’t sorrow.

11. Do not compare yourself to others, don’t because angry that hatred.

12. Confident with yourself, use optimistic attitude in life as well as work.

13. Encourage yourself, use act and efforts to prove yourself don’t inferior to others.

14. Motivate yourself to keep your positive mind moving forward.

15. Train yourself to keep yourself calm.

16. Perfect yourself to perfect yourself.

17. Forget yourself so that you become impartial, know how to live for others.

18. Don’t complain, don’t compare, don’t plame yourself.

19. Live, doing many, less talk, in each one’s heart will be balance.

20. Less eat salty, eat spicy, do not play gambling, walk a lot.

21. Sleep time, wake up, morning fitness long lasting health.

22. Husband and wife love, children have filial piety, harmony family is precious things that nothing can match.

23. Live have little good, a little virtue, the soul peacefully.

24. Life have a little tolerated, forbearance a little suffer, a little foolish is a wise man.

25. Do not interfere with other people’s family life, no matter how much you like it.

26. Others may deceive you, but always treat others with sincerity.

27. If other people treat you badly, you cherish yourself well.

28. Sometimes you need to fake a fool, even if you are not really stupid.

29. If possible you need forgive, fight and take revenge only deepen the pain.

30. Any honest words you should accept, only fear that there is no truth.

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