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I work as a manager at a large corporation, I was unemployed for over a year: Dozens of medium and low companies shook their heads to reject me!

I work as a manager at a large corporation, I was unemployed for over a year, dozens of medium and low companies shook their heads to reject me. Being a manager with a salary of VND 70 million / month, I will by default be able to get a job at a high-level company, But everything happened that shocked me!

Graduating from a good degree, studying in the UK, of course, fluent English and financial expertise are sure; Having worked 10 years in a large corporation … My CV is very beautiful. From the position of an ordinary employee to manager, my income also increased with seniority. I can say, I never had to worry about finance. Income of 70 million/ month helps me to help pay living expenses for a small family.

The work is stable, I decided to take a break. Because after my wife and I gave birth to our first child, my wife’s health was very weak, while the management position was accompanied by work pressure, long-term business trips that made our marriage time fall into crisis. Women after birth are weak, psychologically sensitive … while husbands go on their own sometimes, for a whole month …, how can they not think!

I remember there was a rush, and I was still at the office working with the team to get the job done in the morning. Knowing my new-born wife, a young child … so the boss also prioritized to reduce the workload, but as a perfectionist, I could not see the unfinished work but left.

10 years in the industry, my life is facing a big challenge: Either to tell the whole family, or to run after work and to be late for my wife and children. Finally, I made an important decision: Leave work. From here, I entered a new battlefield: Reducing workloads, finding suitable positions, and still ensuring income.

With the experience available, plus management and foreign language skills, I default in my mind to live in the vast Ho Chi Minh City, a dynamic competitive environment, I will be welcomed by a series of open companies. Of course continue to assume management positions with a deserving income.

It was a big mistake!

10 years of “hibernation” in a particular field, not referring to the surrounding environment, subjective with available knowledge and experience, I am not only delusion but also lagging too much. There is a lot of experience in finance, but moving to other industries in the same field is not simple. The positions I’m temporarily satisfied with must work away from the city, while it’s impossible because it is far from the goal I set from when I quit. Amidst the vast sea, I bitterly admit: Even if I’m complacent that I am a high mountain, there are certainly many higher mountains. But sometimes I forgot about it.

I work as a manager at a large corporation, I was unemployed for over a year: Dozens of medium and low companies shook their heads to reject me!
I work as a manager at a large corporation, I was unemployed for over a year: Dozens of medium and low companies shook their heads to reject me!

Not to mention, since I quit my job, I have always compared in my head “if it was the old days, I would …”. “Once upon a time, old days” … appeared in my head, tormented me painfully. This made me fall into a state of stress. I myself have to find a way out of that state of comparison.

I slapped myself in the face, awakening myself: Don’t sit there and eat your past. All that should be done is bravely facing the current situation; At the same time, work out a plan for the future about what to do in the next step so that you can begin a process of starting from scratch. It must be a rework to get careful, careful preparation and at least get maturity from your own age. The drama about the perfect life of “golden glamor”, I need to finish, to step into a new chapter!

War began!

The days of unemployment, there are so many things I need to do.

Expanding knowledge area

I spread my CV everywhere, and was invited to interview a few dozen places but they all said my qualification was too high, the recruiter didn’t feel good. Some other places are not well paid, and some are suspicious when I see my job while having a good position, they doubt. There were times when I was extremely depressed, blaming myself for not having been well prepared before risking my job. But, “stabbing, I have to go to work”, but maybe this recklessness is enough to make a big push for me to make the determination to step out to safety.

1 month of unemployment …

3 months of unemployment …

9 months of unemployment …

Shocked, decided not to waste time. I fumbled to find out which industries could find the same job position as the old one. I shifted to learning more media, organizing events related to economics, finance … and applying for lower positions to have opportunities to learn about other industries and fields.

I met many young people and they made me admiring and admiring. I realized, myself too old and outdated in this 4.0 era. Everything is now open to everyone. Do not look at Mr. A’s sister B they see how leisurely and still successful? Why are you 9X, 10X now just need to set up Instagram, Youtube and make money every month? All are due to research – research – effort and not discouragement. If I don’t update and change, I will become an ancient person.

While learning about other job opportunities, I looked at my own strengths to see what I could exploit when working from home. I find myself able to write (in English and Vietnamese), translate, my mind is full of ideas, good planning …

I reconnect with old relationships. At the right time, my former partner had a new project, they knew my ability, so I agreed to allow me and my partner to take charge of that sizable project, including from the stage of media and events. … until the project advisor. Starting to work, I realized that there are different types of jobs that I can still do well without going to the office. A world that opens before me: The freelance job is too attractive.

I have no longer forced myself with a serious professional perspective of the old industry. I have a network of extensive relationships, with more diverse professional knowledge, interesting experiences, and many good times to learn. I have a passion for conquest, and thanks to the flexibility of freelancer work, I have a lot of time for my family, for my wife and young son.

Worth mentioning, the income level of a current employer is higher than the income of a senior employee in the past.

Expand relationship

The period of unemployment helped me realize that I had a lot of free time and of course it was boring and boring. If you do not make yourself happy, then surely people will be very negative in thinking.

To overcome this heavy and stressful time, I connected and expanded my relationship. It is the positive joy of having new relationships that helps me develop opportunities that I had not imagined before. As simple as I get good projects … thanks to my prestigious and interesting relationships.

In addition to new relationships, do not delay long-term friendships. Before being too busy, I had few opportunities to meet friends, but now I always try to spend time with old friends.

I went with my wife and children to my hometown to visit my parents, planning a tour, exploring the interesting areas of new lands. These useful activities make my spirit comfortable, and the idea arises and fosters it.

Reading books

During the period of unemployment, I read a lot of books. I need to find the answer: Where did I go wrong? Why can’t I find a good job? When I was skeptical and skeptical about myself, the helpful books helped me balance again.

I read this interesting story: The donut seller who bought three houses was a rare person in life. Readers deeply understand, make money to buy 3 houses, even 13 houses, this life is not missing. The book helps me understand that, if you do not take up the knowledge, enrich the living capital, the knowledge … then this whole life will never be successful.

I read books devouring, and maintain that habit every day. From books that are forte, love … I gradually learn books in the specialized field for work. There are nights when I lose sleep because of a good sentence in a book I am reading.

Never before did I penetrate the saying: The book is the most precious treasure of mankind, which converges what is the most essential of the predecessors. As long as you persevere, you will open this treasure chest, and the inner treasures will help your life become more valuable.

There is no treasure, all you have is empty hands.

With the treasure in your hand, you will possess the power of divine code, so there will be people who quietly support you from the rear.

The time of unemployment took away a lot of my confidence, sowing in my fear and fear … the time to be free, I found myself more confident and bold. If you are planning to jump, or change like me, understand the following:

– Don’t delusion into yourself. Even if it is a high-level manager, you may still have to accept the rejection of a medium-sized company.

– List all your strengths and promote and perfect it.

– Improve professional knowledge, actively seek opportunities from that strength.

– And finally, please don’t be discouraged and give up yourself!

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