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Waiting for someone to help me, please help yourself

Man’s mistake sometimes is not realizing the truth, his own present. This man’s mistake is also something that many of us make.

An arrogant will always receive the bitter end

A head that really knows how to make money is someone who keeps up with the times and has a vision

Many of us have a habit of relying on help …

Your attitude will affect what you will receive. “Life changes when we change”. So why we don’t live more positively. Always look ahead to see opportunities that will come to you.

A man prayed to God for help but failed, the man went to heaven to reproach and shut up at a sentence. The unexpected ending caused many people to look back at themselves.

There is a small town swept by floods and floods, the water is rising everywhere. Within just one day, everywhere was flooded with bloodshot, fast flowing water. Many people were unfortunately killed. Wealth, cattle, houses were all swept away. The scene immediately becoming extremely devastated.

In this ironic situation, those who quickly climb to the roof of the house may be able to retain their lives. After 2 days, the rain stopped, they just sat there and waited for boats or helicopters to come to the rescue to be able to survive.

Waiting for someone to help me, please help yourself
Life is full of ways, choose to live for yourself

In a remote house at the end of town, a lonely man was lucky to win the flood by using a ladder to climb to the roof. When he got here, he thanked God for helping him in the tribulation.

He continued to pray to God for his help, so that the waters quickly receded.

By this time, some people who had escaped had used boats to return to those who were stuck on the roof to go to a more dry place. They passed by the man’s house, saw him up there, and said, “Man, please get on our boat”.

But the man saw many people in the boat said, “I have prayed to God to let the water quickly receded, you guys just go away, the boats will be so sunken.”

The people on the boat said, “Never know when water will recede, you just come up here with us, it’s okay.”

But the man was certain to stay, so they had to row the boat. The man continues to pray before God.

The next day, another boat passed by the man’s house. This boat was bigger than the one yesterday, but they couldn’t change the man. He said he would continue to pray to God, and soon the floodwaters would recede.

By the third day, the health of the man was no longer the same as before. He became weaker, but still insisted that he didn’t need to go anywhere, the floodwaters would recede so that he could climb down, cook a delicious meal for himself.

Another boat passed by, saying that they would pick up the survivors who were stuck here to go to a gathering place, and tell the man to jump on the boat.

However, the man still firmly refused.

Dear young people wage: Not satisfired, leave the work immediately. But every day to work, it must do well, dont neglect!

After that, no more boats passed by the man’s house. After a few days of struggling, the man ran out of food and water. He was gradually hungry, exhausted, finally unable to withstand and died.

The soul of the man flew to heaven. He went to Jesus and blame: “Lord, my whole life has been used to serve You, to honor You, but when I have a hard time and need your help, why You don’t listen to my prayers? “.

After hearing the man’s rebuke, Jesus replied: “I know you always respect me and believe in me. So when you asked for help, I sent someone to help you. But over and over again , you all refuse them, absolutely do as you want, do you still want to blame me? “.

The man was stunned by Jesus’ answer, unable to say anything more, only to blame his own foolishness.

Therefore, being honest, having faith is a good thing, because it will give you more strength to overcome the difficulties in life.

There is another “god”, equally important, can help us to cope with dangers, to ultimate success. That “god” is each of us.

Waiting for someone to help you, more than just help yourself.

People know how to think and act wisely, flexibly change according to each situation, not too extreme in any problem, can definitely overcome adversity, open their own path.

The simple way to be happy is to appreciate everything you have!

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