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The story of arrow poisoned

Many of us are like the guy who hit the poisoned arrow, do not know what is the most important thing for me, but are always in search of distant things in the horizon ..

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There is a very impatient person. Following the Buddha is not long, but this person is anxious to get all the answers about the universe, the world, life and death.

One day, the Buddha told him the story of a man who was hit by a poisoned arrow and was seriously injured. When his family wanted to find a good doctor to help him, the man said stop.

The story of arrow poisoned
The story of arrow poisoned

He said that, before invited the physician, he wanted to know who was attacking him, and why he did it. What is his position? Where did he come from? He also wants to know he is tall? Is he healthy? Is his skin color bright or dark?

And yet, what kind of bow is he using? Is it made from the wood of oleander? Also, what material is the bowstring made of? Silk, or hemp?

In addition, he also wanted to know the hairs from that arrow made from the hair of vulture, public or falcon?

It was because have many conundrums were raised, that his family members had not yet learned to answer him, so he died before he could answer for himself.

To tell this story to his disciples, the Buddha wanted to say that he was like the man who was hit by a poisoned arrow who didn’t know what was the most important thing for him, but kept on searching for distant things to the horizon.

Live for the present, focusing on the essentials of life, not seeking out the illusory, futile and meaningless things for our existence. “Don’t cling to the past, don’t dream of the future, focus on the present”.

Many times, just out of curiosity, we focus too much on matters that are not important to our lives, and then waste time and miss goals, things that are really needed.

Therefore, it is necessary to have the intelligence to distinguish what is most important to me, and only focus on those things, rather than fanciful stories and beyond your own abilities. This can make the difference between overcoming difficulties or being difficult to stop.

The Buddha said, “Hearing a useful word, makes our mind peaceful, more than a thousand useless words”.

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