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A shower or drizzle make us wet our clothes more easily?

Life is short, so please boldly let go of the things make us bother to enjoy life in the most meaningful way.

There is a young monk in the way of human behavior often without the details, feeling they have nothing important to pay attention to.

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One day, the monk asked his young monk, “Do you know what showers and drizzles, what kind of rain will get our clothes wet?”

A shower or drizzle make us wet our clothes more easily?

The monk quickly replied: “Of course it is showers.”

“But in life, drizzle can easily get our clothes wet, not showers,” Master explained.

The disciple finds it difficult to understand:“Showers is heavy and drizzly rain is flying,, how can drizzle rain make clothes wet?”

Master said: “Because when it suddenly rains, people will quickly notice and be more alert. The person who carries an umbrella will open up the umbrella to cover the rain. The person without an umbrella will run to under the rain shelter.

But if it’s just drizzle, people will be hard to spot immediately or know but feel the rain is okay, thinking that is little rain is not enough to wet clothes.

So what we just do, the way we keep going, walking in the rain like that and the clothes are wet all the time.

In behavioral communication, words, actions, gestures of us, example raise of hands, a lift of feet or an expression, a sentence … are like the gentle drizzle of rain. It looks very small, but if you do not pay attention, not being careful, you will accidentally wet the “clothes” of others, hurt others, at the same time, also wet your whole life, making your life suffer hardships, disadvantages and losses “.

The young monk finally understood and drew deep experiences for himself.

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There was a time when the young monk felt that life was very miserable and stuck, which made him very unhappy.

His master decided to lead him to an empty space and asked, “Look, what do you see?”

The young monk immediately replied: “Sky“.

Master continued, “The sky is very large, but you can cover the whole sky with one hand.”

The disciple finished listening, disbelieving. Master now covered the disciple’s eyes with one hand, then asked him, “Can you see the sky now?”

Then the master changed the subject and continued, In life, a little anguish, a little affliction, a little obstacle is like this hand.

We see it to be very small, but if we don’t put it down and just put it in front of our eyes, put it in our hearts, it will obscure our clear sky.

So, we will miss out on the sun, miss the clear blue sky and those beautiful colorful clouds. “

The young monk finally understood the cause of his suffering and afflictions.

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