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Poverty is not as scary as spiritual poverty, intellectual poverty

Poverty is not as scary as spiritual poverty, intellectual poverty because material poverty can make efforts, but spiritual poverty is just the one who leaves.

The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results

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Times are different now, so let children learn to break out of old concepts and become truly independent. Men’s homes and cars have not been something that can bring a sense of safety to women. What gives a real sense of security is my own ability to strive to buy a home and car.

As parents, we all want our children to live happily and reduce suffering. But we cannot live for our children, we cannot choose to replace them. Instead of discouraging, teach your daughter how to walk independently, also teach boys how to live responsibly. Don’t let our children be poor intellectual and spiritually.

Franklin once put it this way: “Being born poor is not scary. The most terrible thing is that you yourself think that you are destined to be poor to old! “

The material poor can become rich after a period of effort, but the spirit poor can live the same way.

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Jews are very good at making money. They consider making money a kind of bravery to survive. They conceive that the relationship between money and intellectual is like a fish with water, inseparably.

Moreover, Jews also teach their children how to make money, get rich intellectually. It is through this kind of wise thinking that the Jews have turned their business into one with intellectual property.

Therefore, Jews are increasingly wiser in the process of doing business, not losing disoriented in worn-out way of thinking.

Because of that, Jewish mothers try to teach their children to be a wise person, who can use intellectual to achieve the success they want.

But this word “intellect” also belongs to a vague concept with a very wide scope and unclear definition. So how is intellect? In general, each person will have different perspectives.

As for the Jewish Rabbis, they positive that intellect is more important than money!

Poverty is not as scary as spiritual poverty, intellectual poverty
Material poverty may be effortless, but spiritual poverty is just the one who leaves

There is a very rich Jewish man. This man specializes in driving a luxury car home every day.

Once when he got out of the car, he caught a beggar wrapped around him wanting to ask for rice. He looked extremely destitute.

At first, the rich man ignored this beggar, he didn’t even look at him. The surrounding neighbors criticized him for being too cold and emotionless.

At this point the man said: “I do that as an expression of compassion. Think about it, he was on duty waiting for food in this place. If he asks for something, he won’t even bother to do anything else. Because he thinks that if he asks for rice, he can live for another day. But the truth is, poverty has forged the rich. “

Neighbors shook their heads, claiming that this rich man could only boast and not be embarrassed, but still thought that the poor had fallen into a dead end to make a living.

The rich man answered only one sentence: “Let’s try and wait”.

The next day, the rich man got out of the car and walked up in front of the beggar, handed him 3 bills of 100 dollars and said: “Initially I started my small business with just 300 dollar, now I also give you 300 dollars, you should use them effectively, turn it into a tool for a living, stop begging here forever. “

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The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results

The beggar eagerly accepted the money, always saying yes. Since then, half a month has passed, no beggars have been seen.

When the neighbors around were thinking that the rich man had given money to the right person, the poor man suddenly turned around and continued his begging journey.

Since he had spent all his money, he could not help but continue to beg others.

The rich man’s car passed by again. Seeing that scene, he decided to ignore the beggar. Obviously, this beggar is not the “material poor” but the “intellectual poor”.

According to the Jewish conception, the wealth of the world will never be divided equally into everyone’s hands. There are rich people, there will be poor people. Therefore, they educate their children according to the motto “sadness is nothing like sadness of despair, poverty is not as scary as spiritual poverty”.

If the soul is poor, God cannot save you. This is also the kind of wisdom that Jews want their children to learn.

Both the battlefield and the marketplace have a common feature, which is the playground for intelligent people.

A famous military strategist has also said that intelligence plays a key role and is the most important power.

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