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The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results

1 apple, 3 options that lead to different lives. So the same opportunity but different choices will result in different results.

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When the target is uncertain, easily moved will make the effort will be wasted in vain

Everyone hopes to have a full life, away from poverty. But not everyone can do that.

The vast majority of us only see the gap, the difference between rich and poor but rarely pay attention to the striving process of each person.

The rich and the poor, each of them has a life, growing and maturing, but why is there such a difference between them?

The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results
The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results

There are 3 people, because they want to change their lives, they have invited each other out to look for business opportunities. When they arrived at a deserted town, they discovered that this place grew apples that were both large and red, very sweet and fragrant.

Because the apples were grown, the prices were very cheap, 3 people immediately found a business opportunity, after returning, each set up a separate business method.

The first one looks at these apples, eyes shining. He quickly spent all his capital trying to buy all the local apples, then shipped them to his hometown and sold them at a few times higher prices.

Just like that, after going back and forth a few times, he quickly became a rich man respected by many.

The second person looked at the apples and thought for a while, then took half of the money he had to buy 100 of the best quality apple trees, shipped them home, then planted on the land he had chosen from before. During the first 3 years, he put all his energy to take care, water the young apple trees.

The third person looked at the big, delicious apples covering the hillsides, and spent days walking around the apples, observing meticulously.

In the end, he found some garden owners who grew the best apples and agreed with them to sub-lease the garden at a much higher price than the local price. As such, he has the full right to harvest and trade apples in rented gardens.

Not only that, this person also invited experts to evaluate and analyze the soil composition, moisture and look for agricultural lands with the corresponding climate, spend 3 years of excavation and create quality soil. The amount of land is similar to the local apple orchards, then begin to cultivate the same apple tree.

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10 years later, the lives of these 3 people are very different.

The first person is still doing business according to the old model, still importing apples to sell, only the profit he earns a little less, sometimes not only not profitable but also capital intensive.

The second person to buy the same apple now owns a large apple orchard of his own.

However, due to the different soil quality, the apples in his garden were not as good and beautiful as the apples in the other town. Even so, he still earns relatively from his apple orchard.

And the third person, although it takes a lot of effort and is also the last person to start making money, but thanks to good investment, he has delicious apples, stable quality, attractive to buyers so always sell apples at a high price.

So, the same opportunity but different choices will lead to different results. The person who made the earliest profit is probably not the most profitable person. Only the visionaries are the ones with the most harvest.

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