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Luck always exists but only the wise can grasp

Luckily, opportunities always exist and divide equally for everyone. Unwise, wise to grasp, what you get may be an unexpected disaster.

A 40-year-old man feels his life is too boring and deadlocked. He decided to find God and look forward to giving a new life.

On the way, the man met a dry tree. He asked dry plants: “How is your life?”

“It was terrible. I was drying up but I couldn’t find a stream of water around here,” the dry tree replied.

“I am on my way to meet God. I will ask you for this.”

Luck always exists but only the wise can grasp
Luck always exists but only the wise can grasp

When he was halfway there, the man met a sad girl sitting alone in front of a large house.

“How’s your life?”

“It was boring. I sat here waiting for a long time, but there was no guy coming by.”

“I’m on my way to meet God. I’ll ask you to help you.”

Continuing on the road, the man met a fox who was hungry from hunger. The fox laments that it has nothing to eat for many days. The man also promised to ask God how to help the fox.

Finally, he went to the place where God was staying and met Him to ask about all the questions. God said: “I will change your luck but you must have enough intelligence to capture it.” He also gave the man letters that sent answers to the miserable souls he had met on the road.

The man returned to meet the dry tree and gave it the God sent. The dry tree read the letter and said: “God said that my roots could not find the water because there was a bag filled with diamonds lying there. Can you help me pull that bag out? ? ”

“Sorry. I don’t have time to help you. God said that I sent luck to me. I have to go really fast to catch that luck.”

After that, the man came to meet the sad girl. He gives her a letter from God. The girl said: “The god of heaven wrote that he sent me a man. The first man who met me and agreed to marry me would become rich and happy. Do you agree to return? become my husband? ”

“Sorry. God also promised to send me luck. I need to go to receive that luck.”

And finally, the man finds the hungry fox to give the letter of God as promised. The fox read the letter and immediately grabbed him. A second before unconscious, the man read what God sent to the fox: “When a fool comes, eat him”.

Luck always exists but only the wise can grasp

In this life, everything is decided by each person. Luckily, opportunities always exist around us. But only wise people can recognize and capture that luck.

No one unknowingly unknowingly met in the world, nothing unjustly appeared in their lives. Only wise people realize the opportunity lies in what happens every day.

Do not rush to blame, breathe because of what is not satisfied in life. First, we must learn to recognize problems, gain experience and stay alert to recognize the opportunities and potential risks.

If you are not optimistic, never buy lotteries, you will not guarantee the lucky hour of winning the lottery.

If you do not actively work hard, practice skills every day, you will not realize the opportunity to “sail when the spring winds come”.

Life has so many lucky things waiting for you, only people who are hard-working and wise can seize the chance. Stupid, blind people who search vaguely for luck, the results they get may be an irreversible threat.


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