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Definitely must learn poor life renewal: stories inspired by real people, real things!

 Life always gives us challenges and adversities. Who knows how to overcome will survive; whoever turns difficulties into opportunities will be the winners.

“The shortest way to get out of trouble is to go through it” – Anonymous

A guy is facing many difficulties, he gets hurt and becomes distrustful in life. He went to ask a wise old man.

After listening to the story, he didn’t said anything but just quietly put the pot on the stove, poured into the pot a little water and put in a carrot, a lump of salt and an egg. After boiling, he opened the lid and watched him silently.

After a while he began to say: “Everyone who lives in the world has to go through difficulties and challenges. But what is important is then what?

Look at the salt lump with firmness on the outside, but when put in water, its dissolved in the water, carrots that are firm when hot also soften. And the egg is fragile, but when hot boiling water becomes stronger.

“A challenge can also become a golden opportunity when we know to grasp and turn it around” – Anonymous.

Definitely must learn poor life renewal: stories inspired by real people, real things!
Adversity is not to be prevented, but to be overcome

1. Was criticized because poor but to go to the university

With the experience of a poor family, I honestly you must to learn. As a girl, the more you have to learn!

My family was poor, when I finished 12th grade my parents asked me if I wanted to go to college. I said I wanted. Then all the aunts, uncles, neighbors … everybody said I was selfish, not caring for my parents. Luckily my parents support.

Back then, my house was far from school, I had to live in a room. I still remember that I had been in school for 5 days when I started working on a part-time job. Carrying, cleaning, washing dishes, tutoring, … nothing I refuse. I make enough money to feed myself, eat, drink, rent, clothes, go out.

Sometimes i can accrue to paying tuition fees. In my second year in college, I could afford an old iPhone 6. In 3 years in collec I have enough money to buy a laptop. The fourth year, I decided to do an internship abroad. I asked my parents to borrow some money to prepare them.

I went there to work, the salary could not be called high, but compared to the general average, it was fine.

And remember to learn, you must learn to change a poor life!

2. Not going to school will become the most regretful thing in your whole life

I am a poor person but have finished college.

Tell you two true stories. One is me, the other is my best friend. The two of us are very poor. Since I was in elementary school, I have always failed to pay tuition on time, every new semester has been my father looking for the homeroom teacher to beg for debt.

The whole family only has about 17000 VNĐ (about more half one USD) to eat and drink a week. In my memory, when I was a child, there was never a story of buying new clothes, i wear old clothes again of my sister. Yet my best friend is even poorer than me.

Tell my story first. I passed the university entrance exam, but my family isn’t money to pay tuition. Luckily my boyfriend helped me learn about student loans. (At that time there was very little information, I had never touched the phone, the computer).

After four years of college, my tuition fees were all borrowed. At that time I was also very pressured, always felt so much in debt, how could I pay off later? Now that I think about myself as naive, now my salary is approximately 4 years of college tuition.

Living expenses is the problem. I was only given an amount at the time of admission, then worked part-time and paid for it. Although it’s not easy, but I’m a tutor just enough to live.

In my third or fourth year, I was less likely to be a tutor, but to do other jobs to gain more social skills. While working, I was highly appreciated for my organizational skills, so it was appreciated by several partners.

Four years in college, my parents didn’t send money for me, but I also did not blame my parents, because I was aware of my family situation, and made up my mind to rely on my own strength.

Tell you my best friend’s story. Her academic ability might pass mid-range school, but she gave up right from the moment of filling her wish. Because she knows that even if she passes the exam, she doesn’t have the money to study.

After deciding to quit college, my friends went out to work, go to the factory, carry, work as a substitute teacher in kindergarten … From beginning to end, she could not find a job that she liked. After that, she got married. She is now, living a normal life.

I told her that every problem has a solution. I hope if she encounter difficulties and doesn’t give up easily.

Not going to school will become the thing that your whole life will most regret and cannot be compensated for.

3. Education is the ladder to reaching dreams and truly deserving of all investments to do well

She was born in a poor family, the walls are plank, the rain leaks, underneath the water covers her feet. The house was cleared away, all furniture had to be sold and moved to an apartment of less than 30m2.

Her four years in college were really tough. Study at school, work part-time. Friends invited weekend outings, she refused. They said you really like to study that? No, she was very lonely at that time! Learning is not fun, working part-time is also alone.

But the only motivation was not to let my parents keep on selling things on the street. The second motivation is to set an example for the youngest in the family.

Then everything also paid off, she graduated, got a very good position, starting salary was the desire of many people. She worked hard, she still self learning every night.

When you are tired at first, you will be comfortable later, at first you will feel comfortable, you will be much more tired in the future. Life is really fair!

Now her income is several times older than her peers. Parents don’t have to roam the streets anymore.

She knew the difficult years of the past were over, her life would be more smoothly in the future. Education is the ladder to reaching dreams and truly deserving of all investments to do well!

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