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An arrogant will always receive the bitter end

In life should know who you are, arrogance will only get the bitter end!

The same opportunity but different choices will result in different results

A head that really knows how to make money is someone who keeps up with the times and has a vision

Here are 5 short stories about animals, but with a profound philosophy that makes people know who they are.

No1. The horse was crossing the desert, meeting a camel with a big hump on its back, and the horse snickered and said, “Your hump looks ugly and heavy, not majestic at all to make it through the desert.” The camel is silent. In the end, the camel made it through the desert and the horse died.

So don’t judgement about of ability on other people because appearance. Laughing at the previous day, the next became a joke every time.

An arrogant will always receive the bitter end
An arrogant will always receive the bitter end

No2. One beautiful afternoon, the duck saw a swallow flying over his head, so he thought, “I have wings, even bigger than a swallow, why can’t I fly?”. After that, the duck climbed up a high cliff, took out the momentum, flapped his wings repeatedly but then threw himself into the ground to be injured.

Must know who you are. Never be arrogant, don’t think you are perfection, competing with someone who does things beyond your ability to receive the bitter end.

No3. In the forest there was a very lazy bunny, instead of being like friends every day leaving the cave to graze, he was just hanging around looking for the mouth of the cave, lazy not wanting to go anywhere. Until one day while wandering on the grass in front of the cave, rabbits were captured by the hunters in the cage.

The narrow vision sooner or later also brings the threat of self-destruction, people have to know how to calculate, take a step immediately calculate a step, equip themselves with a far vision. Don’t be lazy, think narrowly, and harm yourself.

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 Waiting for someone to help me, please help yourself

No4. Tiger and wolf are very close friends, year after month they both go hunting very happy. Until one year, when the forest ran out of food, the tiger invited the wolf to join him in the paint cup. Without thinking, the wolf nodded immediately. As soon as he entered the cup, the tiger blocked the exit and rushed to kill the wolf and ate the delicious meat.

The biggest mistake is to associate with bad people, there are people who look, then look nice, kind, good to people around but until their own interests are affected, they are ready to “stab”. It hurts you a lot. So, must know how to choose friends.

No5. The tortoise is lying in the sun on the edge of the river, seeing a hunting eagle suddenly come, thinking of “this hard tortoiseshell, the eagle’s nails cannot pierce”. Like that, the turtle ignored the presence of an eagle. As a result, the turtle was lifted up and dropped by the eagle and shattered.

The simple way to be happy is to appreciate everything you have!

The proud will always receive the bitter end. Everything must be humble, self-motivated, talented, and there are people who are more talented and intelligent. Those who are arrogant in the office environment, though good but do not know how to strive, do not train the prudence when working, sooner or later are crushed by the opponent.

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